Crosos INEM Playing an Important Part in Labor Market

Inem is the organization under the control of monastery of labor the government of Spain. Its major responsibilities are to deal with the current employment policy, the payment matters of unemployed persons and other matters. The inem is organizing free training courses under the cursos inem program with the collaboration of other organizations and trying hard to improve the skills of Spanish labor by improving their level of skills.


Cursos inem are designed for people who cannot afford the heavy fees of vocational training programs offered by private institutions in Spain. The main purpose of this program to arrange different vocational courses all around the Spain where unemployed youth can go and enroll them in inem of in that vicinity.

The courses are arranged in your vicinity with the help of donor institutions such as (training companies, education institutes, different kind of foundations, chambers of commerce etc.) that offer free courses (100% subsidized) for the unemployed also with the help of direct funding from the government of Spain. The government of Spain expends millions of Euros for cursos inem.

This program is greatly helping the people of Spain and even the immigrants living in Spain, or any person who is living in Spain legally with a permission of doing the job can get benefit of this generous offer of the government of Spain and can improve their life standard. The inem and cursos inem are contributing their great part in strengthening the economy of Spain by providing skilled workers in the job market.